The original “Stubb,” is Christopher B. Stubblefield, one of 9 siblings born to parents with a keen interest in cooking. In the 1930s, the family moved to a farm to work as cotton pickers, and Stubb learned to cook during this time by working in nearby restaurants and hotels. He served in the Korean War in the 96th Field Artillery, where as well as being a respected gunner, he oversaw the daily preparation of meals for as many as 10,0000 soldiers.

Upon his return, he opened his first restaurant in 1968, and Stubb’s Legendary Bar-B-Q was born.

The restaurant quickly became the center of a vibrant new music scene. Massive musicians who started out playing here include Stevie Ray Vaugn, Joe Ely, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Johnny Cash, Linda Ronstadt and the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Since then, the location has changed from Lubbock to Texas, but the ethos is the same: come on down for live music and great food!

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